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Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
12:49 am
This should be it from me now, until I find the electronic copy of my dream journal to dig up any more interesting ones, or when I have any new. I simply was not able to easily decipher the scribblings of my hand-written journal. :/
12:42 am
Visions of the Past
8/25/04 Dream

Second dream. Ended up on the local walkway by the creek I always walked on, but presumeably in the past. The creek was not pitiful anymore. It instead looked healthy, vibrant, and clean. It was at least 15 - 20+ feet wide (perhaps the width of a smaller part of a river), but relatively shallow in parts. The trail was really a trail instead of a paved walkway, and it was on a well raised bank. I saw many pebbles underneath those shallow areas. Ahead of me, going at a 90 degree angle to the left, there was a strange aqueduct looking bridge, painted mostly black but painted white at a small tip of the far end. Met a lady there. When I asked what year it was, I remember her responding it was "the tenth" so I assumed from that to be October.
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12:31 am
Shades of the Future
Shades of the Future

I found myself on the top story of a multi-storied mall, a mall that I have visited in a dream before. I saw a store labelled with neon lights (couldn't make out the name it was squiggly). As is customary when it comes to malls, I figured that an exit would be through a department store. So I went through that, and soon I saw the daylight of outside, apparently a parking lot and a tree. As soon as I stepped outside, I saw a landscape of skyscrapers ahead of me. Here, it was night. The skyscrapers were dotted all over with lights, and the buildings were all shiny like a CGI rendering of a futuristic metropolis. Little dots of hovercraft swarmed around the buildings. I suspect that this was inspired by Star Wars Episode II, which I haven't seen in awhile but still made an impact.
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12:27 am
House Tour With X
4/13/01 C. 8:00 AM
House Tour With X

I had an interesting dream where I met an old friend from freshman high school, X. She was Wiccan. I believe that it was even a lucid dream (if only semi-lucid).

I was in the back yard of the house here in town. In front of me was a familiar sight. X stood before me, and immediately I exclaimed "X?!". I'm not exactly sure what words were exchanged. I believe I first gave her an approach meant for dream characters, which is to ask what she had to tell me. There was possible mention of dream or astral projection. One thing stood out, though, and that was when she asked me if she were ugly. I said not at all. I remember peering through the door, looking on a mirror inside, and asking her if she knew what the inside of a mirror looked like. I then looked at a mirror further down, "We don't wanna go there [in the house]." As a result, we walked in the area in between the house and the fence that divided the neighbor's property and ours. I don't remember walking across the front to reach the rose bush, but that's where I ended up as soon as I started down along the fence. I looked at the rose bush, and while in real life it had looked excellent, in the dream it was somewhat yellowed and there was a black spot.

Somehow, we ended up at the back door again, where we had started. I looked inside and said, "I guess it's ok to go in." So we walked through the house. Midway I said, "I hope nothing jumps out at us." So, we made our way outside, then I looked through the window/door of our front door. There, a masked grim reaper figure, almost Jason-like from Friday 13th, came charging towards us from the sun/computer room. I closed the door and somehow closed off what I think was a child also running from the thing. The view switched to third person as the thing hacked away at me. It said that it wanted something. I had no idea what, but as it was hacking at me (more like reaping), numbers were on the bottom left of my view. The values quickly increased like the score on a pinball game. When it was done, I got up, did something, then was reaped at some more. I then found myself in a sleep paralysis state. What a way to start Friday the 13th, and that day wasn't even on my mind at all!

I don't know for sure, but I did see a 4-year old (I remember hearing that #), and I assumed that was her child.

((The connection wasn't made whether or not the 4-year old child and the child that ran from the masked figure were the same.))
12:14 am
The Chamber of Zone
The Chamber of Zone

Interesting lucid dream. After a few nonlucid ones, I found my way into a world of pure fantasy of my own creation.

There were about three "dimensions" that were the same thing but portrayted in different times. The area in particular was double door that if I recall was once a cafeteria when I encountered it previously.

On the door, was a sign: "Warning: Not for prying human eyes." I figured that since I had been there before, just taking a peek wouldn't harm anything. I opened the doors and saw a room that might have been a dense forest scene. I know that I saw a few unicorn statues within. I gave a respectful bow, left up to the escalators, then was pursued by some sort of wizard.

Other scenes included where I encountered two large, moving dragon statues inside said chamber. Another scene during the chamber's cafeteria stage was where someone dropped my glasses from their pockets and refused to tell me details of my surroundings. And then he for some reason beat me up because he was with his wife.

Back to the double doors which had the dragons, the unicorns, and the cafeteria. A password was needed to enter this chamber, one that I seemed to know but had forgotten. Along the way back up to the waking world ((the journey up was by escalator, oddly enough)) I encountered a lady I knew from high school--she was going down. I asked her the passwords to the doors, and was given them. Before waking I repeated the two words over and over again so that I could remember them when I woke up, and I did.
Monday, February 13th, 2006
11:42 pm
The Dream Begins
So instead of putting these in my Live Journal, I thought they would best go here. Dreaming has been a long pastime for me, and at one point I was very good at it. I still am, to a point, but would like to hear the experiences of others as well as share things of my own. So, welcome to anyone who has joined, or is thinking of joining, or just happens to see this. :-)
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